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About Windowology

Windowology refers to the research activities we have been running at YKK AP since 2007 to explore the window as an academic subject from various angles based on our core belief that "windows represent civilization and culture". Our aim is to contribute to the shaping of better buildings, cities, and societies by defining the positions of windows in history and culture and shedding a fresh light on their appeal and potential.

Over the past 10 years, we have been accumulating research findings through conducting collaborative studies with universities and specialists both in and outside Japan under the supervision of Tohoku University professor Taro Igarashi. To date, a total of 55 researchers, architects, and artists representing 17 schools and research organizations have participated in the interdisciplinary program, and together we have examined windows under more than 40 diverse themes.

We have been disseminating the findings of Windowology research both domestically and internationally through our own original publications, exhibitions, and research workshops to share the information with society and widely convey the value and potential of windows. In 2014, we exhibited a window-themed installation at the Milano Salone, the worldʼs largest international trade fair of furniture and design, in collaboration with architecture studio Atelier Bow-Wow and presented the findings of our joint research at the University of Milan.

Window Research Institute

The Window Research Institute was established in 2013 as an internal organization to conduct Windowology research activities. The institute, which is headed by professional officer Kinuko Yamamoto and staffed by a team of approximately 10 members, focuses on examining and researching the window from an academic perspective together with researchers and architects.